All devices on the Web are identified by a specific number called an IP address, such as If you have a website, the domain that you type to load it is for your convenience, however the server where your website files are still has an IP. As there are many more websites and devices than there are IP addresses, all the shared hosting servers have a number of websites under an identical IP, while with a dedicated server you'll be given a dedicated IP too. Even in the first case though, you can get a dedicated IP for your websites and host them on a shared server. One benefit would be that you'll get improved search engine positions as a dedicated IP generally means a faster loading site. Last but not least, you need such an IP in case you want to get an SSL certificate for your website and protect the information that your visitors submit on it.

Dedicated IP Address in Cloud Web Hosting

If you host your sites on our cutting-edge cloud platform and you have a cloud web hosting package, you will be able to add a dedicated IP to your account at any time and assign it to any domain or subdomain with only a few clicks. The aforementioned option is available in all data centers where we supply services - Chicago (US), London (UK) and Sydney (AU), so whatever your choice during the registration process, you're able to acquire a dedicated IP for your websites. You'll be able to add / remove an IPas well as to keep track of the free and used ones at any moment. If any of the IPs that you buy will be used for an SSL certificate, you may enable the automatic configuration attribute in our SSL order wizard and our system will request and assign the IP before it sets up the certificate automatically. Our adaptable platform will enable you to use a dedicated IP for a variety of sites as well if it is not in use by an SSL.