Memcached is a memory caching platform, which has been gaining popularity lately due to its effectiveness. It is used to cache requests and responses between a database and the app that is using it, which can enhance the overall performance of your Internet site and lessen the generated server load greatly. Every time a page on an app-powered Internet site is accessed, the app connects to the database and "asks" what info should be displayed, and then fetches it. With Memcached, these steps are omitted, since the platform has already cached all of the content that should be shown on a specific webpage. In case any content is updated, the Memcached content is updated too, so the users will never end up seeing out-of-date content. Memcached is a perfect solution for every website that draws many viewers, as it will make it incredibly fast and will enhance the overall user experience.

Memcached in Cloud Web Hosting

The Memcached distributed memory caching system comes as an upgrade with each Linux cloud web hosting service offered by our company and you’ll be able to begin using it the moment you add it, as the PHP extension that it requires in order to run correctly is pre-installed on our cutting-edge cloud web hosting platform. You can request the upgrade from the Hepsia hosting Control Panel, which is available with every web hosting package and a new Control Panel section where you can manage Memcached will show up. The upgrade is divided into two parts – the number of instances and the amount of system memory, so as to offer you more freedom. The first one refers to the number of the sites which can use the Memcached caching system, whereas the second one, which is offered in increments of 16 megabytes, specifies the total size of the content that can be cached by the system. A heavy-traffic Internet site with a large-sized database may require more memory in order to take an even greater advantage of the Memcached caching system, so if you want to upgrade this service, you will be able to do it at any point with a few mouse clicks.